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Expertsites Services

At Expertsites, you will find the qualities you seek in business relationships: prompt personal attention, unfailing courtesy, technical expertise and total professionalism.  We offer the services you need at competitive prices.

If you don't know where to begin with your website, start by talking to us.  We will show you how your "wish list" translates into expenses, and we will help you manage your website wisely -- on target and on budget!

We'll show you in writing the costs of website design elements, where options are available (and smart) and how your design translates into maintenance and updating costs.

Expertsites Services

Competitive Prices

Our prices are a great value within the standards of our industry.  But YOU really want to see how far YOUR budget will take you, where tradeoffs are possible, and where economies are wise.

That's why our first consultation is free. Before you commit your resources and dollars to creating a website, we'll give you a design worksheet and a written commitment of costs.  You'll be able to see where expenses are incurred and ask questions about tradeoffs.  When you accept this worksheet, it becomes the task statement for designing your website.  No hidden costs, no surprises.

Most of our custom websites cost $1,000 to $2,000.  We offer special website licenses for our custom software, such as self-maintained web pages and mortgage calculators.  We customize each website so it's uniquely yours.

Basic Level

Yes, we help many businesses start at the most basic level.  Don't be intimidated.  Contracting for professional services from the very beginning is a sound business decision.

  • We'll register your domain name, if needed; set up a host computer for your website; set up your email accounts; and perform other services you may require.

  • We'll design your website and make it available for your private review -- live, on-line, fully functional.

  • Search engine optimization is an integral part of your website design not an add-on service.  It's included!

Professional Website Design

When your Internet strategy is developed and your budget planned, you want a website that is professionally designed and meticulously maintained.  That's when the professionalism of Expertsites comes to the forefront.  We believe you will appreciate our approach to your business interests.

Special services are STANDARD
when Expertsites designs your website

  • We help clients register their new domain names properly in the name of our clients (not ours!)
  • Copyrights of completed websites also belong to our clients, not to us -- we respect the copyrights of others on the Internet, too
  • Our web hosting partners offer state-of-the-art technology and hardware at terrific prices (multiple T-3 connections, redundant backups, and 24/7 monitoring are some of the technical aspects all our clients appreciate)
  • We design your entire website with the viewer’s convenience in mind
  • We optimize your website for search engines -- it's included!
  • We consider the total size of each web page and closely monitor the size of images to make the site attractive and quick to download
  • We set up email configurations designed especially for your business -- quickly, effectively, efficiently
  • We report to you about search engine positioning, based on the latest information available
  • We regularly monitor functionality of hot links and image transfers after your website becomes active
  • We speak other languages to help you reach your new international audience: French, Spanish, and Italian
  • Our goal is to have your website completed within 30 days of commitment

Search Engine Optimization

It's included! Every website we develop uses the most recent intelligence on search engine operations to your advantage.  If you want to participate in paid inclusion and pay-per click advertising opportunities, we can advise you on how to get the most for your advertising dollar.  

Expertsites clients have a "secret weapon" over competitors:

  • Time-honored website design techniques favored by search engines
  • Exclusive opportunities for quality links favored by search engines
  • Professional search engine optimization consultation on a continuing basis

See our Search Engine Optimization section for more information.

Website Maintenance

Designing your website is the first step in achieving your Internet goals.  Our experience shows that you can expect to be surprised by your results.  Be ready to react to unexpected opportunities!  Keep the information on your website fresh and interesting.

We believe in "minimal change by design," but we know that every website has its own specific requirements.  We'll help you identify in the initial design stage how and when your website should be maintained.  We'll show you what it will cost, too.

Call us today! Or use our contact form and expect a prompt reply.

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