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Search Engine Optimization

Strategic search engine optimization helps viewers find your website using today's search engine technology.  A magnificent website won’t return a dime to your business if your customers can’t find it!  Our search engine optimization services are affordable and successful.

Expertsites Services

Search engine optimization succeeds only when it is based on what the search engines are doing now.  Yesterday's technology doesn't work today.  Expertsites uses the most recent intelligence on search engine operations to craft unique search engine optimization strategies for each client.  If you already have a website, we can optimize your current site for better search engine positioning.

  • We help you precisely target your desired audience. 
  • We develop specialized plans for search engines and optimize details for your marketing objectives.  
  • We can advise you about pay for positioning, paid inclusion and pay per click advertising on the major search engines.
  • We know both free and paid inclusion options.
  • We can help if your website has been banned because of past search engine spamming techniques. 
  • We can help if you have a "difficult situation" with your domain name registration or website copyright.

Expertsites clients have a "secret weapon" over competitors:

  • Time-honored website design techniques favored by search engines
  • Exclusive opportunities for quality links favored by search engines
  • Professional search engine optimization consultation on a continuing basis

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